About us

Careers in Health and Science Exposition, CHaSE, is Stockholm’s premier career and jobs fair in life science and health. Since 2014, we have put over 75 organisations in touch with our student pool of 6000 undergraduates (bachelors and masters students), 2100 PhD students and 900 postdoctoral scientists.

CHaSE also attracts students from other top Swedish institutions to join the event including, but not limited to, Uppsala, Lund and Stockholm Universities. We expect to expand this reach to other Nordic institutions this year. KI students’ study from the widest range of life science and medical degrees available in Sweden and conduct research into a broad range of life science sectors. But they are more than life science students, among our student body includes economists, engineers, policy planners, informaticians and programmers. What unites them is a fascination with life, and using every tool to improve life.

CHaSE is a Strategic Business Unit of Medicinska Föreningen (Näringslivsutskottet).