CHaSE Team 2017


The Team Members

(From left to right: Xenia, Laura, Estella, Trixy, Suzanna, Rubin, Mati. Missing: Sharzad, Swapnali, Ishrath, Sally)

Photographer by Sebastian Höglund

Estella Garessus– Project Leader

Mati Kargren– Vice Project Leader, Financial Manager & Secretary (communications)

Rubin Joshi– Company Relations Manager

Sharzad Emamikia– Company Relations Manager

Suzanna Queckbörner– Logistics Manager

Swapnali Barde– Logistics Manager

Laura Barcelo Bartroli– Marketing Manager

Xenia Mihai– Marketing Manager

Trixy Fang Member

Sally Abdelmoaty– Member

Ishrath Ansurudeen– Member

For the design of the marketing material (i.e. adds and posters), we had support from

Tatiana Mihai– Graphic Designer